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Developing Team

Atflee is constantly working hard to improving its algorithm in order to provide the most accurate data to the customers. Atflee believes that providing accurate data to the customers is very important. We believe that our hard work with improving our algorithms will have a big impact on customers using our products to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Algorithm Team

Atflee has a separate algorithm team that focuses on improving the algorithm. Our team consists of hard-working people, including an expert who graduated from Harvard Medical School. You can ensure that you are getting the best algorithm for your products when using atflee. 

Design Team

Atflee works hard to make sure that our products are suitable for everyone - including you. Our in-house product design team implements ergonomic design through optimized modeling. With atflee's products, you can be assured that they are made through much research including trial and error to be most suitable for you.