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Why Atflee?

Successful Korean health-care brand takes on the U.S.

T9 Smart Scale

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About Our Company

The smart scale, launched in 2018 in South Korea, made 8 million dollar scales in 2020, and currently an unrivaled market share in the online scale market in Korea. Based on our successful know-hows in Korea, we intend to reenact the success of the Korean market in the U.S. market.

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Growing Success

Atflee is a fast-growing company. After launching in

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Future of Atflee

Atflee is constantly working hard to provide our customers with the best and useful products to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Atflee is currently working on launching a variety of health-related products in the future. Stay up to date with atflee and do not miss out on new products in the future.